Thursday, December 10, 2009

Download Murotal Al-Qur'an

Been browsing a bit looking for Murotal Al-Qur'an, I found many sites which provides lots of murotal from various well known Qori'. Hop over to Qur'anic Audio and Islam Way. My favorite Qori' so far is Syeikh Mishary Rashid. I love the tone of his voice :) And it's easy to follow when you're reciting the Qur'an together with him. Note from me, he can hold his breath for a very long time. So if you have a short breath, it's quite difficult to catch his recitation ;) From what I ready on the internet, he was a nasyid singer before. Maybe that explains why he have such a long breath :) Here's the link to Murotal Al-Qur'an by Mishari Rashid that you can download.

If you prefer young Qori', you can choose to listen to Ahmad Saud. This boy has a nice kid's voice :) I think I match his voice better than Mishari Rashid since he's still a kid and his voice hasn't changed to an adult voice ^^ Here's the link to Murotal Al-Qur'an by Ahmad Saud. Oh, I also found another murotal by young Qori' at this and this. I haven't listened to them yet, but I plan to :)

Oh how I envy these Qori' ;_; I wish I learn how to read Qur'an properly when I was young. Too bad I prefer playing kites, nintendo, etc with my childhood friends T_T But not too worry, better late than never. Actually, currently I'm looking for a female teacher who can teach me proper way of reciting Al-Qur'an. I need to correct my tajwid and makhroj. I did learn it about two years ago, but I didn't finish it cause my sister couldn't accompany me anymore and the teacher's place is way too far to reach * excuse ^^;;* That's why I stopped learning ^^;; if you happen to know great teacher *I prefer female* and she/he live in Jakarta Timur area, I'd be grateful if you can inform me :)

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