Saturday, November 7, 2009

KDrama Diary: My Review about Korean Drama

Lately I've been active posting on my KDrama Diary blog. This blog was set up to appreciate great Korean dramas that I've watched. After graduating from university, gradually I lost my passion to watch Asian drama, whether it's Korean or Japanese. I didn't include Chinese drama. Why? It's simply because I can't stand hearing the high pitch sound of the female casts ^^;;

And why did I start to re-watch Korean drama again? It's because of Kim Ji Hoon ^^ He's the one that made me into Korean drama again. While playign with the button of remote control, I stopped at a channel that were airing a Korean drama. Attracted by his appearance, I started to watch it. He played so well and perfect for his role as a lawyer in Love Marriage (Matchmaker's Lover). I got hooked up, and the rest is history. Now my favorite channel is KBS World, my ultimate source to satisty my hunger in watching Korean drama ^^ If you're also into Korean drama, come over at my blog to read some review of korean drama.

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