Saturday, November 14, 2009

Weekend at Home

Let me recap what I have done today ^^
  • Update my Korean Drama Diary blog. Looks like I've put too much Oh Man Seok photos there ^^;;
    I added my review for drama The Golden Apple and Iris. Head over there to read them ^^
  • Enroll in Korean language course at Live Mocha, a free online language course. Now I'm on lesson 2. Before enroll at Live Mocha, I suggest you to learn how to read the Hanggeul first to be able to follow the lesson.
  • Download The Vineyard Man episode 2 from I know, I'm still obsessed with Oh Man Seok, can't help it ^^;; Each episode is 700MB in size. With my slow internet connection, I spent 19 hours downloading episode 1. But looks like I'll finish it faster for the episode 2. From the estimated time, I'll spend 8.5 hours to finish downloading it *what a great improvement*
  • Watch re-run episodes of The Golden Apple at KBS World *episode 5-8*
 It's 9.37 pm now. I guess it's time to sleep now *Zzzzzz....Zzzzzz*