Monday, November 9, 2009

Mr. Satan Look-A-Like

For you who read manga (japanese comic) Dragon Ball, I'm sure you all know the famous Mr. Satan. The silly guy who act all great and might despite the fact that his strength is nothing compared to the Super Saiyan. He can be recognized by his weird afro hair, which I think really suits his character ^^;;

Today I found this pic of Mr. Satan look-a-like. It's hilarious ^^;; Just look at them, both are so perfectly alike ^o^ I wonder whether the real man knows about him being the twin of Mr. Satan ^^;; What would his reaction ^^;; ?


  1. Test comment as blogger profile

  2. kayaknya udah bisa komen nih. hehehe... bisa mirip gitu ya. ada gak yang mirip sama kamesenin :D

  3. Wah, belum nemu tuh yang mirip dengan Kamesenin ^^