Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Karakururin: Magical Takoyaki Maker

Continued from my last post, while searching for takoyaki pan, I found this interesting takoyaki maker, it's called Karakururin, the magical takoyaki maker! Hehehe...it's not really magical, that's only came out from my amazement for that machine XD It is said in this article that the kids go crazy for Karakururin. I bet it's not only kids, I myself will be very excited if I can get a hold of this machine XD

There are 12 short clips about how this takoyaki machine works *each clip is 20 seconds long*I found out that this machine will cost you 1 million @_@ but we can rent it for 50,000. I got addicted with the Karakururin songs. The kids who sing it has adorable voice *yayyy* Let's sing Karakururin along with me XD

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