Sunday, January 17, 2010

Takoyaki Craze *once again*

I'm infected by this virus once again, to be exact, Takoyaki Craze virus ^^;; For  a few past days, I've been searching high and low for Takoyaki maker. I had one already, but it's only the Takoyaki pan. I want one that comes along with the portable gas stove like this one (see left image).

I even bothered my friend in Japan who'll come to Jakarta next month. I beg her to buy me one ^^;; But after yesterday's Takoyaki party at my house, I changed my mind. It turned out that my current pan is already functioning enough to serve me ^_^ I forgot that I had a portable gas stove, so I can always use it *stupid me* Here's the look of my current Takoyaki pan ^^

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  1. hey you've made it :D looks delicious *sorry it takes me so long to drop by, because of some reasons i wasn't be able to access blogspot for some time