Thursday, October 7, 2010

Old Time Romantic Novels by Betty Neels

I was talking with my friend about her reading novel in Kindle. When she mentioned about lots of free novel in Kindle, I remembered my old hobby reading free ebook novel. Aside from ebook novel, I recommend her novels by Betty Neels. Why I love this author? Cause she wrote clean romance novel without s*x scenes, so it's safe to be read by youngster, and I love it. I guess it's almost impossible to find that kind of novel in this modern era ^^;;

Back to Betty Neels, if you read her work a lot, then you'll find the similarity of the main characters. It's almost always involves a nurse and a dutch doctor :D Not all of them actually, but a lot to be said just coincidence ^^;; At first, I wonder why she got hooked into those characters that much. But today, when I read Betty Neels' Biography, I found out why. Betty Neels' occupation is a nurse before she retired and started writing novels. And she is married to a Dutchman, although her husband is not a doctor ^^;;

So, if you like a quick simple romance novel with clean scenes, I recommend you to read Betty Neels' novel. The background is in old era, but I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Here are some of my recommendations of Betty Neels' novels. Enjoy!

An Old-fashioned Girl (Betty Neels Large Print Collection)  Cassandra By Chance (Best of Betty Neels)  Philomena's Miracle (The Best of Betty Neels)  The Quiet Professor The Best Of Betty Neels (Reader's Choice)  Matilda's Wedding: AND 'An Innocent Bride' (Betty Neels: The Ultimate Collection S.) A Little Moonlight  An Unlikely Romance  ONLY BY CHANCE & A HAPPY MEETING , the Ultimate Collection


  1. boleh dicoba nih kayaknya. i like old era:p
    *mudah2an kali ini bisa komen*

  2. wah bisa bisa :D
    masih suka merajut ra?
    btw project blog kolaborasi bareng ari (lamanaja) gagal berhubung kayaknya dua-duanya lebih suka nulis sendiri-sendiri hehehe... jadi aku bikin lagi deh :p *dasar hobi*

  3. ckckck...ganti-ganti blog melulu sih :D udah yang keberapa kalinya ya? ^^;;
    ok deh, ntar gw update link dhana :)