Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Yayyy...I won the ticket to Indonesia-Korea Friendship Concert 2010!

As the title above, I'm one of the lucky people who won the ticket to Indonesia-Korea Friendship Concert 2010 :D Each winner got 2 tickets. This concert will be held on 12 Oct 2010 at Tennis Indoor Senayan, Jakarta. Actually, I was only testing my luck when I entered the lucky draw. Turn out that I win ^o^ Too bad my sisters and my friend weren't that lucky T_T

In this concert, the performers will be from Indonesia & Korea *duh..of course :P* Indonesia artist will be represented by Gita Gutawa, The Dance Company, and Traditional Dance from Padepokan Bagong Kusudiarjo. As for Korea, the artists are SHINEE, Son Ho Young, Ku Joon Yeop, Naomi, and Sinawe. Honestly, I only know Minho from SHINEE ^^;; The first time I saw him wasn't in a video clip music or something, but in a sport variety show Let's Go Dream Team on KBS World =^-^= He's a great athlete despite his small figure. That's why I'm rooting for him ^^

My sister whose majoring in Korean language in UI said that maybe she could get a hold the ticket for dinner with SHINEE. Wow...let's hope she could make it. Hwaiting!!!

Oh, below are CDs from Shinee if you haven't known them yet:

1st Mini Album1st [The Shinee World] A Ver.Lucifer: Type ALucifer: Version B1st Repackage [Amigo]


  1. it was a cool birthday gift :D
    *well it's very-very too late to say happy birthday. i'm sorry. i couldn't comment before because of the word verification problem*

  2. thanks :D better late than never ;D